Ongoing List of Authentic Resources for Teachers of Spanish, Courtesy of Ohio (ODE and OFLA)

Free sweets/healthy food sorting activities. Perfect for Halloween, even if you can't use Halloween activities (no bats, ghosts or witches included). 2 cut-and-paste worksheets --or laminate them to file folders.

Ice Cream Dough : Add one Kool-aid packet to baking soda and mix in a bowl. Then slowly add water and mix. Continue to slowly add water until you have a slightly damp, moldable dough. Too much water and the baking soda will be too liquidy and not.

Kind of neat way to visually see your progress to task and to stay on track with time management.

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20 Easy reader books and series for kids learning to read. These are actually easy.

5th Grade Science Anchor Chart --Food chain with illustrations...kind of!

Advice for New Writers. Its a pretty good article. But I really liked the one it links to about what writers need for experience. It was a great one! Made me think a lot

AMSTI Kindergarten Style: Ten frames Great idea for reinforcing shape recognition. Might add a piece of yarn or chenille sticks to make a circle.

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Reading Strategies FOLDABLE- could be done as a checklist (for when they have an understanding of the concept) in their binder/notebook.

Handy guide to runic symbols.

Never know when you might need to pick a lock.

Love this rubric for a star paper. She grades papers at the beginning of the year on the doc camera...the kids vote how many stars the paper earns.

If you're on the hunt for boredom busters for bad weather days, or just like to find new and exciting kids activities you can enjoy with your little ones, you'll love this collection of fun and easy lego activities for kids! There are so many fantast

Increasing novelty, speed and complexity of lessons for gifted kids

Miss Kindergarten: Stamp it Up!

Apple Tree Kids Craft - get your kids excited about Fall with this fun and easy apple picking craft!

Step 2: Learning From The Masters — Meet the Masters

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Lessons <----Such a great list of different lessons for the skeletal system.

What is blood made of A hands-on science demonstration

Sentence Buddy Freebie-teaches the four parts of a complete sentence: capital, punctuation, noun, and verb

||| university, notes, school, student, study, inspiration, inspo, 2-page spread. love it for visual types

Mason Jar Printable: Use to create fingerprint lightning bug art for kids.

16 printable 3 x 5 cards with classic poems that kids can memorize.  Feel free to download & print them for your own use.

Tips from Dyslexic Students for Dyslexic Students by Nancy Hall - "Nobody can fully appreciate what it’s like to be a student with dyslexia in the way that another student with dyslexia can. Tutors, teachers and parents have their advice, but.

How to make a Lego Pinata! Probably the easiest pinata ever. Perfect for a Lego theme Party!

great tips on Characters, Setting, Plot, Conflict, etc -- Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers

principesse disney pin up - Blog di Eromas

Pick TWO Cute Monster Paper Corner Bookmark by GotKandi on Etsy, $2.00