Elsa by Takatora

Sam + leather jacket = Oh yeah

What Dragon Ball Z taught me...

The Gotham City Sirens #HarleyQuinn #joker

MLP: mane 6 and princesses (cupcakes) by Saitanus on deviantART

Download Yu Otosaka Wallpaper Art Charlotte Anime 1920x1080


Sneasel in Weavile onesie by itsbirdy

Professor Longbottom: Unintentional Hogwarts heartthrob

E PATTERN 4 Seasons Sheep Designed by Terrye French by skb007, $5.00

It's no wonder my sense of humour sucks. I grew up with these guys. <-hahaaa true

After the longest winter in Chicago history- I am ready to join the masses and don a black puffy coat next year.

Awesome Nightwing New 52 cosplay by Dynamite Webber Cosplay - Photo by EDward Fotography

DC Direct Wonder Woman Series 1 Action Figure Circe

Beautiful Steampunk Bracelet

Even as a baby, River was not a fan of the Doctor's fashion sense :)

Batgirl - Thiago Lehmann & Luiza McAllister

Classic Jurassic Park Quote

- - - - Anthony Misiano (Harley’s Joker) and D-Piddy (Deadpool) at WonderCon 2013 { x }

Lady Windrunner, I've always crushed so hard on you. Until you were impossible to kill and I wanted to kill my Healer because he sucked and--... no, you're still sexy.

Yato and Ebisu from the past by b-snippet

Dean Winchester – Supernatural | best stuff

Captain America - Avengers scoodie - Made to order. $55.00, via Etsy.

The Ships of Star Wars

Star Wars #1 variant cover by Joe Quinones (i feel like doing the theme song) Princess Leia Princess Leia Does all the things a Princess can shoots a solider with a gun she got from a useless fool

The Lord of the Rings, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring | JOLLY GOOD 'FELLOWSHIP' Short subjects Sean Astin, Dominic Monagh...

Doctor Who Day 11 - Funniest Episode: Let's Kill Hitler. River is hilarious in this episode! Also any episode with the line "Putting Hitler in the cupboard." has my vote.

Gosh, Netflix is so mean sometimes. There will NEVER be new eps of Merlin. Ever. *sob*

the best part about these movies is how much the actors put of themselves into it. I don't think The Hobbit will ever be able to replicate that, except for the crew and the few of the original cast.