70 Folktales and Fables from Around the World

Hands on the Alphabet ~ Ideas for exposing young children to letters and the sounds they make

T is for tea arty - A Play Dough Tea Party - from Rachel (",)

Hands on Science: What is blood made of? - Red water beads for the red blood cells.

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What's better than eating a donut for breakfast? Making a warm and delicious donut at home. Read on to learn how to make homemade glazed donuts!

From seating charts to decorating, from homework to bathroom trips, get the skinny on managing your middle school classroom! Whether it's your first year teaching or you're moving up from a lower grade, this article is packed with just the info you n

Three dimensional weaving embroidery with comb. This could also adapt for difficult darning/mending situations!

Easy Halloween craft to do with little ones! Puffy ghosts are fun for all ages! Your kids will love how they float around the house too :)

Fire Safety Week with Sparky the Fire Dog - Worksheets for Grades 1-2 Fire safety Week - Oct 6th to 12th 2013.

Match the shelfie to the Selfie (teacher to their home bookshelf) love this library bulletin board idea!

Morning basket ideas! Use things like this instead of worksheets as morning work. It's more fun for kindergarten! Love it!

schema, evidence, Inference- Good for teaching reading strategies for non-fiction.

Dinosaur Art Project: This is a fun project for 2nd graders and up.

Just because it's for laundry doesn't mean it can't be cute and stylish! DIY a drawstring laundry bag that is functional, portable (good for travel) and perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms.

POSTER: 7 NEW Ideas For Teaching ESL.... I like for high functioning autism too!

Read and Sequence! Simple stories for beginning and/or struggling readers with a cut and paste SEQUENCING activity! TONS of great resources!

These are double self-potraits- the image is a self portrait and was created using the artists fingerprints.  After students have completed their portraits they will begin working on a colorful background in the style of Chuck Close’s larg

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Complete sentences - good visual to have in room. A lot of my high schoolers come to me at elementary reading and writing levels, so this will be helpful!

Here’s a guide to what a bullet really means when it slams into/grazes a hero/villain or sidekick/henchman on the silver screen. Creative writing guide.

LOVE these ideas, seriously, LOVE, and there is a freebie too! Your students will beg to read out loud if you implement some of these awesome strategies.

Track your students' home reading minutes using pony beads and dog tag necklaces. 100 minutes = 1 bead. My students LOVE this!

If You Constantly Have to Tell

Chocolate Lava Cake (Crock Pot) - I think this was the best lava cake I ever tasted and it was very easy to make. My husband thought it wasn't sweet enough but I thought it was perfect when vanilla ice cream was added to it.

Play to Learn Preschool: Sewing Buttons

Autour des châteaux et princesses

Rainbow slime recipe for play - how to make this gorgeous recipe that lasts for many months!

24 Things No One Tells You About Book Publishing

Creating Readers and Writers: Spring Cleaning Blog Post... Anchor Chart Gallery #anchorcharts #characters #textevidence