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Fun ways to surprise your spouse! I LOVE this! Such cute DIY ideas that I would have never thought of!!

an arrow is pulled back in order to shoot forward, remember this when youre falling behind in life, soon you will fly forward.

tattoo by Kim Michey

11742876_1138097096204754_5620338824029796950_n.jpg (640×640)

floral thigh tattoos - Google Search

Enchanted Lock design (UTH5552) from

#Sanskrit #tattoo on the back

Drawing a sunflower

To infinity and beyond- maybe Mina will do a Mommy daughter tattoo with me someday

american traditional mom heart tattoo with floral accents

Pinky Promise for Friends or with my kids

OMG I love it so much!! deer by on @deviantART

Nice idea, text circles. ("the man who is constantly in fear is every day condemned. don't carry logs into the forest. men generally believe what they want to. truth conquers all things. where there is doubt, there is freedom.")

This would be great on my wrist with chd colors and ellas name, maybe with a heart rythym!

Love this but don't think I could pull it off!

Bearded lady by Joe Ellis

me love Christmas drawing art trippy Black and White Cool beautiful iphone photo design draw psychedelic tattoo flower paper instagram myart cards evolution henna plant detail mandala growth Manifestation flower of life sacred geometry Seed

Here lately....perfect.