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* * " I hoards Forever stamps az a retirements investment."

Art - Music (PENCIL)

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before..." ~ The Raven | Edgar Allan Poe #poe

Big Dipper/little dipper couple tattoos

Just saw this - how adorable!

you haven't walked my path or in my shoes. so please do not judge. maternal narcissism destroys families. no contact.

A sheep slide :)

Other Ways to Say 'I Miss You', 'Very Good', 'I Like It', 'I have To Go'.

Being completely self-sufficient and living off the grid

tshirt #wewantsale #shirt #adidas

Block E-15, twin “dissolving towers” at the Chongqing Financial Street project, Chongqing, China by Aedas Architects ☮k☮ #architecture


Beautiful white Christian Dior mademoiselle, blonde hair and red lips, catwalk, runway, fashionshow, fashionweek, white flowers and white dream dress, evening gown, gala, prom ❤

Halloween scrapbook layout This would also be good for a pumpkin layout


Awwww.... from David Tennant's Video Diaries (HOW DID THEY NOT GET MARRIED IN REAL LIFE?!!?) ^I reiterate the last pinner's question!! I have often wondered the same thing myself. I would so totally ship them... but then I remember that he's married.

Laundry room

...and it's cheaper than therapy

Parishes no Counties ;)

Designspiration — Dribbble - VectoRRR by Joshua Bullock

maleficent and the evil queen - sleeping beauty and snow white

Raiders owner Al Davis.

The life of a barrel racer

***Try Hair Trigger Growth Elixir*** ========================= {Grow Lust Worthy Hair FASTER Naturally with Hair Trigger} ========================= Go To: www.HairTriggerr.com ========================= I'm Digging This Look From Head to Toe!

Mixed with flowers! I like this because it is just the head and it fits so well on her shoulder

#TheIrishman #TobiasCallahan #BestFriends_TolerantEnemies "Ye ugly bastard,” Aidan said softly, jerking his chin toward the man. With utter conviction in his dark eyes - a deep warm brown, it looked like from her vantage point - the man stood stock.

Breed#05: The Thai Ridgeback dog originated from eastern Thailand and was used as guard dog. This dog is also referred to as "the cart-following dog." This dog has a loose-skinned, muscular body with a strong, firm back that is covered with dense hai


My fav tattoo I have ❤️ my sons name with his heartbeat and his bday