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Dwarf warrior by Mischeviouslittleelf on DeviantArt

Trust your soul | The Red Fairy Project



Love the flower styles and colours for tattoo work

Le contenant verre et bois. J'aime. Olive, Argan oil... En vaporisateur en plus!

NEW, CUTE little Matchbox Cottage PDFpattern with felt figures by LindyJ Design. Here is Grandmas Cottage with the Little Red Riding Hood figures. Use them as finger puppets, stand-up figures or as little stuffed dolls.

Yoko London Aphrodite Collection (black gold, diamonds, sapphires, amethyst, freshwater pearls) | Purely Inspiration

Calcite with quartz from Huanggang Mine, Inner Mongolia, China. The pictured specimen is 7cm tall. The quartz at the center of the stacked calcite disks is better exposed in some of the specimens that they have at the show. Photo credit: Jeffrey A. S

capture life! Capture Life- Photography Lover - Print/ Wall Art/ Decor/ Gift Buy 2 Get 1 FREE In Stock • $20 Etsy by Frillychilidesign

an artifact found at the base of Hidden Mountain, New Mexico near the city of Los Lunas. The main inscription proclaims the Ten Commandments in ancient Paleo-Hebrew characters. It is one of the most important ancient artifacts ever found in North A

ikebana - woven container & lilac, springtime imagery

burlap table runners

Instagram photo by noemihk #nail #nails #nailart