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I can relate to Alice in Wonderland. She just keeps randomly eating and drinking everything she sees with the hope that it might magically solve all her problems.

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I can relate to Alice in Wonderland. She just keep...

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Amen to that! I wish more people believed this! Stand up for those who can't! (Luv u D!)

So true...working out makes me feel good about myself--I think that's how it is for a lot of people.

La vida es corta! Da prioridades a quien las merezca.

Love is war, and I need a soldier. I need someone who will go to hell and back with me. Someone who won’t fold under the pressure. Someone who won’t quit when it gets a little tough. That’s when I know I’ve found something sp

Zodiac Virgo facts — Virgo does things that make sense to them. If they don’t see the point, chances are they’re not gonna...

Nothing is sadder than meeting the right person at the wrong time - #Love #Quote

Need for the beach, ocean, and salt air

I want to love him, to kiss him to just be with him and know everything's gonna be alright but at the same time I want to hate him to leave him and clear him from my thoughts my heart everything but I just don't know how…

The Ohpen | Team | Driven | Have fun | Enjoy the ride

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

How to Realize Benefits of Meditation in the Real World? Part 2

Write while the heat is in you. The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with. He cannot inflame the minds of his audience. - Henry David Thoreau

May you always find LOVE, Joy & Peace and May Father God show you much favour found in HIS presence...share your Godly influence with!/groups/RCSPrayerGroup/ ... Matthew 24:14 ... Much prayer... Mu

Minimalist: A Minimalism Guide for Decluttering Your Life and Living a Wonderfully Simple Lifestyle

WIN!!!No. Win.That. Is. Why. We. Are. Serious. Do. You. Understand. me. If. You. Don't. You. Better. Start.



#yoga #inspiration #quote