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8mm - Unisex or Men's Tungsten Wedding Band. Black Ring with Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts by Frostplay on DeviantArt

Use a lanyard to make for an easy shower hanger for all your supplies! It's a super easy way to make traveling even more simple. These tips will have your toiletry bag optimized and ready to go!

Charcoal Lab Puppy ♥

Naruto Doujinshi - Pairing by SmartChocoBear on DeviantArt

Visual Schedule: Photos from first day of school of class at different centers, activities. Order photos as, like, a Christmas card/birth announcement layout with text being the name of the activity. NOT THIS Year for me (but Later?).

Drawing with markers is cool old school. From Michael Doyle’s Color Drawing, 1980

What I like is that this is DECORATIVE. There's an actual bar to grab, just behind the scrollwork.

Cookies perfect for a baby shower. From Bee's Knees Creative on Etsy.

Witcher 3: Ciri Redesign, Wacław Wysocki on ArtStation at