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Cairo Haze Silk Stripe Fabric

Plus Size Fashion

Now, those are some red trees... and exactly where you wouldn't expect 'em! Japanese Maple Tree @ Austin, TX

Daniel Hopwood / Two Times Elliott | Design Graphique

Wolvie by flickr user Robert_Ball

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Laura Stoddart #ilustrame #illustration

Title Boxing Club in Encinitas, California #kickboxing #health #lifestyle

Hot glue rubbing plates. Make your design with hot glue on a square piece of cardboard, let dry and then hand it over to the kids with some sheets of paper and crayons to rub over.

10 Uses for Fresh Turmeric (I just harvested a bunch of organic turmeric root from my garden. Looking for great ways to use it)

the flying graysons

Pretty Lace Overlay Pencil Dress - I just tried on pencil dresses recently and they are very flattering. I think this lace detail would also be flattering and I love cream.

Le Playful Fennec Fox Totem - le animalé

by François Schuiten. This reminded me of you because under the water is her castle... (her dreams & desires, her comfort, her life...)