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Jeanne Hallée | Evening dress | French | The Met

Good idea to keep them occupied. My daughter loves pulling wipes and tissues out of their boxes

Fuchsia Rose Ruched Faux Solid Taffeta Curtain

Pinecone elves: I'm thinking of putting all the loose materials to make these into the advent stocking numbered for that day, and let the kiddos wonder and anticipate what we'll be making (they're still so little that they love surprises like that).

I really like the symbolism they chose for Sakura. While Sasuke and Naruto's are sad, Sakura's speaks of change and growth. I think that that moment was when Sakura truly began to become strong.

Bargello Wave Quilts van JanssenCreations op Etsy. Love the shadow effects!

A Padlock With A Digital UI: Surprisingly Useful | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Eden Rose. If you have room for a climbing rose, this is the only one I'd recommend. Although not super fragrant, the green-cream-pink shades and cut flower abilities make this rose a standout.

Shopping center Emporia Malmo, Sweden

"Smaller but Smarter" Southern Living "Garden Home Cottage" House plans for eco-friendly living!

Instagram photo by thenailboss #nail #nails #nailart