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Items collected by Ralph

Wiren Contemporary Outdoor Brown Color PEWicker Square Table

Aedon Mirrored Side Table

Detonator Concept by Futurist Daniel Simon. Produced by his fictional Cosmic Motors Company which will be importing this from Detroit in a factory off Clint Eastwood Blvd. sometime in the year 2090.


Easter Cake with bunny buried in carrots. Maybe for next year. We already made a bunny butt cake for this year.

eroding hues. Love. Put with light gray and use as statement room with modern furniture. Living Room Option 2

Adoption Photo LOVE LOVE

Cream Puff Swans - forgot all about these! Made them in pastry school.

Hiking is such a huge part of being outdoors, camping, connecting with nature and even RVing... Check out 15 day hikes in our National Parks that just might interest you!

Women's Fashion and Style, Dark, occult. Felice Fawn Gallery. Girl in cemetery, tombstones.

Pumpkin Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

Mother's love.. Oh mum I was so scared but don't tell the other cubs they all think I'm brave.. I have an image to protect.. Shhhh

Proxy falls, Oregon; Top 10 Most Incredible Waterfalls in the World

Aria Chocolate Tart. "This is it... my search for a luscious chocolate tart that has three delish chocolate layers ends here...It's divine.

What's better than eating a donut for breakfast? Making a warm and delicious donut at home. Read on to learn how to make homemade glazed donuts!

a dravener: a type of demon that can cause death just by looking at someone/creature. They have the ability of mind control, and can make someone go completely mad. They can shapeshift into a crow/raven. And are known for there rituals which involve.

awesome storage bed! wow, this would be a dream come true... especially with our limited space in 1 br apartment!! would be amazing to have this in black for us!!!