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Items collected by Nicole76

Custom Mixte by Royal H. Cycles by Lovely Bicycle!, via Flickr

“Fighter” in Arabic. A tattoo to describe my determination through everything that i’ve been through. Stay Strong. -supniccuh (tumblr)

Nairobi Desert Printed Cotton Curtain

Rainbow Ear Taper Expander w/ Triple hole design. - GLBT Gay & Lesbian Pride Earring (Ear Plug/ Body Jewelry)

Just part & twist! I wish she showed us the back. This is very cute and will protect the ends very well.

dont put me in a nursing home...just let me grow old in this sweet little camper at the beach

DIY Wedding Hairstyle - Twisted crown braid half up half down hairstyle

String news, styled by Lotta Agaton

TOMS site. Some less than $20 OMG! Holy cow, I'm gonna love this site! How cute are these TOMS shoes them!

30 Inspirational Quotes In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

"But if I'm in Heaven... why is Sam here?" ||| Supernatural 9x03 "I'm No Angel" Humor [Lol]

pixie and a headband. If only I was brave enough to actually do this

Link Party Palooza #30

I found this pinned to "doors" but I'm not sure if it is. Couldn't find original source. But, it is awesome!