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Items collected by Nicholaus

Knights Templar Cross - Stainless Steel - Wide Hoop Earrings (Black Gothic Medieval Cross Style)

Smooth Dog Tag w/ Cut Out Male Female Symbols - LGBT Pride - Two Section Stainless Steel Pendant w/ Chain Necklace Included!

Tote Bag Scottish Rite Wings Up 33rd Degree - Black Masonic Tote bag for Freemasons - Classic Double Headed Crowned Eagle

Sweethearts Printed Cotton Curtain

277 Days of Romantic Films:Till Valentines:..BABY BOOM...presents the challenges modern mom's have to deal with, like a baby fever. LOVE STORY AD INSTANT MOMMYHOOD Diane Keaton shines in a role few actors but her could pull off. I know it's not a fu

Backdrop / Banner made with a pallet at a vintage pony party. I like the idea but with a different silhouette.

Look seems casually formal. I like the shoes. I like size of the jacket and how it fits. Also where it buttons.

Linen Menus | Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

Siracusa, province of syracuse , region of Sicily Luke Robinson's photostream

Red Admiral Butterfly -- A mutation perhaps? -- The wings on the two sides are differently colored

mmm i do want a dream catcher…or maybe just a feather…idk