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Deal: FosPower 3-port USB Car Charger - $10.50

Cave to Canvas, Sky and Water II - MC Escher, 1938

Atherton Embroidered Silk Curtains

MUST do a "forgotten" Disney Princess cosplay group

@vegas_nay The perfect fall ...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Learn how to grow fragrant lavender:

Tiny Heart Necklace - Small Gold Heart Pendant Necklace - Dainty Charm Necklace - Simple Necklace - Love Jewelry - Mother Sister Wife Gift

Architectural Concepts by Roman Vlasov | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Doctor Who Shirt: We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one.

Tool Belt - Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver by Christins from My Sweet Potato 3

Albert Camus, The Possessed, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1960. Jacket by Paul Rand.

Contemplate perspective.-We perceive things as important because of the size of them. It sounds quite simple, but once you fly, you understand it. As a human being, you look at ants & think they're a very small insect, & without any real reve

Too often the communication that teachers have with parents and carers at home is either just administrative (

Snow White Tutu Dress. Too bad Halloween is always too cold for this kind of stuff....but maybe for a princess party!

Delicious Lemon Bundt Cake recipe

The Best Of Tumblr -- 40 Pictures Of Tumblr At It's Best

Robin Luciano Beaty - Encaustic sea scape; "Above and Beyond" - 6" x 6" each - Encaustic, mixed media, found objects