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cardamom, chocolate and almond nougatine petit gateau

La fille qui voulait un sac à noisettes - Bee made

Mini Caramel Apple Hand Pies

this is another option for a back tatoo, I would like it to curl down the length of my spine and end with a vine disapearing into my fill in the blank ;)

Travel Tips, particularly for Paris but these apply to most other places, as well.

Cryptic Mason Right Break - Masonic Lodge White & Purple Duck Cloth Apron For Freemasons - Royal and Select Cryptic Trowel Icon. Masonic Lodge Regalia and Apparel Merchandise

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Brick edging for your flower beds

Jack Nicholson. Photo by David Bailey.


Ippolita bangle bracelets. Can I have these as rings instead? Thanks

EMPHASIS- the picture from spirited away draws your attention immediately to the stone statue front center. then you see the dark tunnel above it with chihiro cautiously stepping inside. the way the image is centered makes a point on how the audienc

Faerie Magic in Minerals. (Aluminium phosphate wavellite, High Down Quarry, Filleigh, North Devon, England. Discovered by John Hill late 18th c and named for William Wavell, a local physician and mineral collector.) // photo by Dave Green

Butterfly print featuring a Swallowtail in the center ~ from c. 1850's Natural History book.

English Festival Barn Wedding Decor -repinned from Los Angeles County, CA wedding officiant #weddingofficiant #losangelesweddings

beautiful dapple gray...Another of the four horses i want :)

Dogs Caught In Awkward Places...Somersault I bet he thought it was a good idea at the time. Photo credit: hosted by Imgur

How to Warm up a Field Hockey Goalie | 1. A proper warm-up that includes a jog and stretching 2. Short sprints 3. Goaltending drills