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Science for Kids: Chromatography Butterfly Craft

Stainless Steel Ring w/ 14K Gold IP Top Section - Marriage Wedding Band RIng

Freemason's Baseball Cap - Blue Hat with Golden Standard Masonic Symbol - One Size Fits Most Adults. Masonic Clothing, Apparel and Merchandise.

Tips for having your dog in your wedding.....HAHAHA this picture is really cute!

Home work chair, love this design and the combination of black and gold..

Getting real excited for the new Jurassic World movie! Or maybe just excited cause Chris Pratt.

{Big Boy Room} The Re-do: From Toddler to Kindergartner

Who's camping here? How did they start the fire, with matches or by hand? What are the people around the campfire talking about?

simple play dough recipe base for kids: 2 cups plain flour1/2 cup salt2 tbsp oil2 tbsp cream of tartar1 .5 cup boiling waterfood colouring (optional)3 drops of glycerine (optional)

Matisse inspired collage after reading the book Snail Trail