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☞ ●ღڰۣ✿ UNALOME ✿ღڪღڰ ●This symbol is a representation of reaching enlightenment. The path starts in the centre of the spiral, and as you continue down this path you are wandering, becoming more conscious of your surroundings. When you reach the top.

cute pink car

Gold Past Master Freemason Ring / Masonic Ring - Gold Plated and Steel Color Top - with Masonic Symbols

Nottingham Silk Curtain

Del Mar Expandable Shiny Copper Cast Aluminum Dining Table

Beauty Hacks You Wish You Knew YESTERDAY

This would be a good project to go along with the book.. have the pieces of the tree traced (also I could use to assess cutting skills)!

Night William-Adolphe Bouguereau

8mm - Unisex or Men's Tungsten Wedding Band. Brown with Rose Gold. Matte Finish Tungsten Carbide Ring. Beveled Edge

The Saddest 31 Heartbreak Quotes Ever

It's alternate world me!

SHINee World 2014 "I'm Your Boy" Special Edition in Tokyo Dome DVD Key

Ralph Lauren ~1984 Forever classic. Looks like these can always be appreciated regardless of era.

The Snore Activated Nudging Pillow - This is the pillow that detects snoring and “nudges” a sleeper into shifting positions without the need for spousal intervention. - Hammacher Schlemmer

A Wordly Mistake: Top 20 Grammar Mistakes in Journalism (Infographic)

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Amy....we should frame this. xoxo Jocey

"Too Wise" by Jean Haines.