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Bruce Lipton - Money and Energy

Water Fall Vintage Textured Faux Dupioni Silk Curtain

Footprint Art your Child's prints New baby by MyForeverPrints, $25.00

Easy step-by-step tutorial to make a no sew teepee in less than an hour!

royally fashionable - I love them, but she looks like she has been styled for fashion shoot- not a day on safari

Maternity Hospital Gown and Accessories by MoreThanMaternityLLC

street style, fashion with ray bans 2015 summer!$12.99....

Chevrolet Chevelle SS thinking of my friend Gregg

Cute Christmas Card Idea. {Newborn Photography} {Baby Photography} Adorable Baby Photo Session Idea. I want this hat for my soon to be godson! ♥ @Hannah Mestel Santa Cruz

Over 100 ideas for cute and creative family Christmas cards including photos, captions, props, and even free templates! TONS of great Christmas photography inspiration in this post- LOVE it!!

Light  The natural light coming in from the window in this photo manages to create outstanding pasterns which carry out through the room, this is an incredible way of light interacting with a building.

18 Phoenix Artworks : The Flaming Bird | Design Inspiration | PSD Collector

Batgirl - Thiago Lehmann & Luiza McAllister