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Phineas Cole @ Paul Stuart - Tweed / leather boots ..... Very Stylish

Monsoon Rainbow

Everyday Health: Trusted Medical Information, Expert Health Advice, News, Tools, and Resources

valentino rossi

Rainbow Fluffy Hair Scrunchy (Pony Tail Hair Band) - LGBT Gay and Lesbian Pride Party and Parade Accessory

Tom Hiddleston - Loki looked fabulous coming down that staircase in Germany. Handsome, suave, great movement, the lot, right up until he whacked that guy with his magic wand!!!!

Saving counter space in the bathroom!

Tachyon Performance’s Turbo Porsche 944 Swapped Mini

rv photos and pictures | just noticed that the RV Consumer Group has used a Born Free as ...

SHEILA GOODMAN - Pastels and Paintings

Jessie Wilcox Smith "The New Book" Vintage illustrations by sue-tarr, via Flickr,

Charles Ennis House. Frank Lloyd Wright. Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA., 1924. Textile Block Style.

Here’s a guide to what a bullet really means when it slams into/grazes a hero/villain or sidekick/henchman on the silver screen. Creative writing guide.