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Punchapau of East Florida or Oleander

A pop of blue brings out any eye color and is the current trend. Keep everything else neutral tones.

Transgender Square Glass Pendant with Chain (Pink Design). LGBT Transgender Pride Jewelry and Accessories.

Air Force - USAF Military Ring (Gold with Blue Stone) U.S.A. Veterans Soldiers, etc.

Butterscotch Sauce from My Name is Snickerdoodle on Mandy's Recipe Box

For a breathtaking drive, roll along scenic Highway 42 in Wisconsin's Door County this fall. Your reward at the tip of the peninsula, just past Gills Rock, is a winding stretch of road encapsulated by a sunburst of fall color.

When a Cancer gets attached to someone, it is really hard for them to just let go. Unlike some people, they will always care.

Diana Vreeland

look at all that detail

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Black men suiting combinations

I will be happy to keep telling the truth for you. You can't just fuck people over, walk away to your happy little pretend life, throwing me under the bus to save face, & expect me to slink away quietly. No...while your fucked up family continues

DIY balance beam for outdoor play - Casey and Claire had one of these! It was awesome!

Finnich Glen, Scotland--I shouldn't even be thinking about this until I for sure get accepted...

Dream Catcher - Wolf Spirits art by Carol Cavalaris.