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Shelton Multi-Brown Wicker Bar Cart

Army - U.S. Armed Forces Military Ring (Silver Color with Red Stone)"students look up an animal of their choice online , print it in color and in grayscale. Grid the grayscale printout and their final surface. Talk about mixing their colors. I also talk about color bias and give the paint acco

Edina Blue Printed Cotton Fabric

12 Amazing Daily Routine Charts for Kids

Achall _ Irish. A Goddess of medicine who herself died of grief. The personification of bereavement.

Gourmet food trucks, i'm told, occasionally sell food you'd actually want to eat. Personal experience tells me that this is only true if they sell waffles and if you are drunk.

Spring Party Rose Cupcakes tutorial. The instructions are in a language I can't read, but the pictures are enough for instructions.

Stones and stones

I love my dermals. Findings new ones I love is dangerous!

Embroidered detailing gives off a boho, vintage feel. It's a fun and easy way to add a pop of color into neutral based closets.

Five great Fish Extender gift ideas

Ornament Headband! My gurlies would love to make these to wear to school for parties or concerts, but also could be worn by mom to Ugly Sweater parties!!