Items from unknown

Crochet Doll; African American girl with curly afro puffs, beaded braids, removable skirt and hair accessories!

Ribs tattoo. Roman numerals

Twenty One Pilots // Lovely {ALLCAPSLYRICS}

By Philip Milic (pmtattoos)

the best part about these movies is how much the actors put of themselves into it. I don't think The Hobbit will ever be able to replicate that, except for the crew and the few of the original cast.

Wedding gateaux.

hetalia berlin... I think I teared up a little.

You're mom called you left your game at home! High school football posters

Flying over the Italy on a foggy morning

Cute anime friends<3

The Tragic Truth - Five Finger Death Punch


It is, just in a more digestible and tasty format...

Beartooth Highway MT, the pass from Red Lodge to Cook City. It is the north entry into Yellowstone.

I like how they use one colour, very lightly, then trace over with a darker colour.