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Hans' thoughts during Love Is An Open Door

Posted 4 years ago

Hans' thoughts during Love Is An Open Door

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Women's logic...

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Secret passages and rooms. I've seen some in person, and am in love with them. Kid at heart.

she stuffed hedgehog I unsqueaked is back and he's pissed

mine run sketler outside, it's like...geez, never sucked one up or anything lol

33 Women Who Don’t Understand Eyebrows: I am a bit distracted by peoples eyebrows all the time. Too much. Too little. TOO DRAWN. These eyebrows are a total nightmare for me.

and this is where i always cry and it's Disney, so it's okay. just let it out.

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Please if you have blonde hair do not be offended. Just because some's blonde doesn't mean their stupid. I just thought this was kinda funny so don't hate me. Blonde Jokes | blonde jokes

Yes I know I almost destroyed the transmission..... And busted through the doors of that church..... And rammed into the light post..... And broke the law by speeding horizontally across the highway because I freaked out..... But the car still works.

I seriously doubt anyone would wear these fashion faux pas-and if they did, I would laugh.

1. This is funny and 2. This is outside one of my favorite restaurants and I recognized it!

i heard you're a player. nice to meet you, i'm the coach.

Like MacGyver..

this made me laugh way more than it should...