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Twenty One Pilots // Lovely {ALLCAPSLYRICS}


Posted 4 years ago

Twenty One Pilots // Lovely    {ALLCAPSLYRICS}

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Just a hard day, not a bad day.

Find yourself, and be that. #wisdom #affirmations

If you dont watch "An Idiot Abroad" you need to start. it is pee in your pants funny.

amen. such a powerful statement regarding relationships of all kinds and forms ❤tami

Except that I am extremely patient, too. But if I'm able to make something happen, I will, and it won't take me long.

It's not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that DEFINES us.

The first murder was committed with a rock. Shall we ban all rocks? After all, there are a lot more rocks in the world than guns. Let's deal with the real problem: evil in the hearts of men.

"well, that explains a lot"..... ya.. im ashamed that this is totally me.. lol

12 Super Sweet Quotes About Sisters for Sisters Day

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Bright colors are pretty. But you'll find the richest meanings and the darkest tales if you look at the darker tones.

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Daily Quote

...feels good on the inside..... ღღ

This is why relationships should always be based on the truth; In the end, It makes life so much easier.

#quotes #frases #motivação

There's a time to lick the wounds and a time to step up and lead. Design by #Storyline (

Don't Let It