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Amanda and I pretty much nailed this on our trip. See a couple of errors on list though :(

Posted 8 years ago

Amanda and I pretty much nailed this on our trip....

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Tornado on the train tracks... | I didn't know it was impossible.. and I did it :-) - No sabia que era imposible.. y lo hice :-)

Summer Harvest

Travel 365: Most Popular Photos of April 2014 -- National Geographic

Folk Clothing

Portland, Oregon I need to be there soon

White Church steeples in New England make me smile! Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

CR 6401 E.Pittsburgh, PA

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La Valle, Wengen, La Val: La chiesetta di Santa Barbara, come sfondo le maestose pareti del Sasso Croce - Kreuzkofel (2)

secret door

Santa Fe EMD F45, a 3,600 HP diesel electric locomotive # 1903, seen at an unknown location, August 1969

pretty snowy scene

Jasper National Park Alberta, Canada (pinned by

Old store in Desdemona, Texas

Durango Colorado has many day hikes to beautiful alpine lakes!