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Taza "Eres el hermano más genial del mundo mundial" #mrwonderful #mug

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Taza "Eres el hermano más genial del mundo mu...

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Yes. Yes I am. The crown is acceptable. #GrumpyCat #FanArt

Lonesome. For De Morgen magazine (Belgium)

After the sound zips by you, this is what you see...

The American Radiator Building (since renamed to the American Standard Building) is a landmark skyscraper built in 1924 in the Gothic Art Deco style & located at 40 West 40th Street, in midtown Manhattan, New York City. In 2001 the American Radi

Cascada. Chica con flores superpuestas. por naranjalidad en Etsy, €15.00

Marie Assénat ● Illustration

I know this wasn't meant to be a DW reference, but all I thought was "hey, who turned out the lights?"

Otra metáfora gráfica que en este caso podemos ver como se forma la cara de un marinero. Genial.

Where are the world's most common languages spoken? [Infographic] - Matador Network - Love to TRAVEL? Discover how you can earn a great income and save money on travel at the same time. Work from home ... or from anywhere in the world. www.vacationin

This beautiful model, a burn survivor, did this photo shoot to, in her own words, "prove that scars do not change a person, they make that person who they become." What a gorgeous woman. BREATHLESS and indeed still BEAUTIFUL <3

Click to enlarge image d5643028a1965e929288ead7a2d75e88.jpg

speak & spell / ontwerp

Geometric Pattern — Designspiration I find something about the colors in this very striking. I love the contrasts of red vs blues.

Fun facts about your sign here

Portable housing by Felipe Campolina, via Behance

Parking #signage project for Europlaza, a corporate office building in Guatemala, designed to be an international business center in Central America.

The work of Ken Talor: The Avett Brothers Gig Poster