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Disney had it right. --This also reminds me of Ursa's advice to Zuko in ATLA. ;D

Posted 5 years ago

Disney had it right. --This also reminds me of Urs...

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Awwwwww it's so cute!!! guys..i was reading this in class and went the wrong time....we were talking about how this guy died in our .

Such the I know you know, but I'm pretending I don't know look from your dog :-)

This website has so many funny and relatable posts! This is true with me.

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Perfect description of the big three! Haha, I love that Supernatural's Hades because you're literally in hell half the, literally, that's the show.

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lmfao and I thought I was the only one who thought she was a horrible choice for the commercial.

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This site has lots of inexpensive furniture. Literally the sofa in this picture is under $400!

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LOLOL this is so me... since I was a kid trying to runaway "for 10 whole mins" all the time

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