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Disney had it right. --This also reminds me of Ursa's advice to Zuko in ATLA. ;D

Posted 5 years ago

Disney had it right. --This also reminds me of Urs...

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Love Friends. It still makes me laugh out loud, even though I've seen every episode over and over and over.

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LOL funny minions pictures of the hour (03:00:45 AM, Wednesday 20, May 2015) – 20 pics

I think you missed the point (18 photos)

soooo true. Always have plenty of shampoo and no conditioner.

This is awesome!

oh yeah.....please cancel my subscription to your issues!

Funny nursing quotes----

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Yesss all the time haha

Is there anything sexier than a man with a cat? Oh yeah, Norman Reedus with a cat!

I can't imagine what it must have been like to be in the room during the filming of that scene.

No one say anything repin once you know what it is. Haha!! XD

Hahaha! Christian humor

[Wicked Elphaba] close-up eye makeup detail

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