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The Black Rain Frog (Breviceps fuscus) is a species of frog in the Brevicipitidae family. It is endemic to South Africa. Its natural habitats are temperate forests and Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation. It is threatened by habitat loss

sedikit pencerahan byuku bukan batagur baska ! | Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community

My dogs love these homemade bacon dog treats! Very easy and made at home without any preservatives!

16 Funniest Pet Photos with Captions Part 4

25 Pets That Have No Idea How To Use Human Things. The Results Are Hilarious…

Beautiful cats with long fur,must be angora,or Norweigen Forrest cats ,sooo beautiful. EW

Guess wat guys Ivypool in my warrior cat game is more powerful than dovewing and I also become the greatest warrior and leader

Darth - Dreamy ♥

awww... this little guy looks ready for a cat nap ;)

The Bengal | Bengal Cat Breeder NiteWindes Cattery

Fox Village In Japan..... so we are not going to acknowledge the thing in the 4th picture?