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Theme: Jungle Fever! Förpackad -Blogg om Förpackningsdesign, Förpackningar, Grafisk Design - CAPDesign

Posted 3 years ago

Theme: Jungle Fever! Förpackad -Blogg om Förpackni...

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This would drive me NUTS.. It's such a COOL concept, but the pieces are put together with no thought and that just drives me nuts.. :)

Mirrors. Mirrors make the room seem brighter because the light hits them and reflects. They are good to have in a dark room.

OM House by Studio Guilherme Torres.

Mirror in the shape of a celtic knot! #etsy

Shoes <3

Giving purpose to lines and composition in the simplest of art can make all the difference

20120919 13.15_AB.Giardini.Venice_10.jpg | Flickr / Venice Architecture Biennale, Italy

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This fire place is sitting proud of the wall which is a great feature. Love the stone tile.


geometric dress fabric