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Great idea for wedding or anniversary...can see the horse shoes laid in such a way to have a couple behind hugging or kissing.

Posted 2 years ago

Great idea for wedding or anniversary...can see th...

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This is so awesome!! Wish I could frame this quote and hang it up in my room. I am a crazy cat lady and I don't care lol

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5 fluffiest puppies you have ever seen, I adore him:)

The Tiffany Setting, the most famous ring in the world. I can't breathe lol #Tiffany

Here is why cats might actually be liquid, or shapeshifters. (I just kept laughing and laughing and laughing)

#Cats. I don't care who sees! When I say come straight home, I mean straight home!

Even squirrels sleep sound in the arms of Angels ♥


...Carlton and the pixie hat, @Vanessa Samurio jeschke...

One dog, maybe 2 dogs, one Siamese cat and one Russian Blue cat at all times. These are my conditions for marriage and eternal domestic servitude.

When we see the divinity within each other, the gentleness of life is everywhere... Life's connections are beautiful... deeply enriching, powerful & nourishing. ♥♥

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NEED an English setter pup!