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Truly, are not spooky, but rather amazing. Though...they do scare some.

Posted 3 years ago

Truly, are not spooky, but rather amazing.  Though...

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Saatchi Online Artist: Yaheya Pasha; Acrylic, 2011, Painting "The Leap"

artist john duncan (I think that I have a especial appeal to girls sitting with a cat on her lap, I just love the image)

This could easily be done with old book pages and any kind of silhouette. Great step by step instructions.

'Retro Circles' crochet cot blanket This would be awesome made with cotton yarn so that it's sort of like a thermal blanket.

Anne-Laure Djaballah: "Step"| 24 x 12", oil, acrylic, mixed media on canvas

sandro botticelli | minha Primavera e a Primavera de Botticelli! | A Simplicidade das ...

into the wood - little red riding hood Tracy Walker

I really wish I could credit this artist, but I can't find the original source. I love it though!!

Flapper on a Moustache Ride Tattoo Traditional Tattoo Flash and Wall Art by Quyen Dinh

Jean Arp — It amazes me how Arp was able to suggest so much with his pared-down simple forms.

100 Pieces of Upcyled Home Decor - Fabulous Furniture Crafted Using Garbage (CLUSTER)

SENTE A LUZ / it okay to paint murals on your house??? because I want to

The Spiral Goddess The spiral is one of the oldest and most widely acknowledged of the sacred symbols, representing the life force, the path in which energy moves and the creative power in each of us. Spiral Goddess Watercolor by thekreations

Domečky na zakázku Dva keramické květináče - domky, s dírkou a podmiskou. Bílá a červená glazura, engoba, uvnitř vylité průhlednou. Průměr květináčků.


Gia Magazine 2011 | I really like the layering the designer used for this cover. It gives the cover a pseudo 3-D look.

Corps de Ballet - Jennifer Alexander - American Ballet Theater - New York City Ballet - Dance - New York Times

Very pretty, a little to thick of lines for me some thing slight more delicate would be nice.