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Haaaayul yes! I sit for hours doing reports this would rock! Said with a cowgirl accent combined with #BoomChickBoomer voice. Elliptical machine desk chair. #fitfluential #FFTech Ride 'em!

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Haaaayul yes! I sit for hours doing reports this w...

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I created a similar tool idea! cool to see something you imagine come to life!

D'awwww, I can't!! Tony is like "they're mine, you can't have either. gtfo!" and thor is the only one with an arm around loki :'(

Strategic marketing best practices for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Internet Leads Infographic

The internet is fast and growing, it has changed the way of life for many people. Read more about this Infographic " 8 Social Media Rules (Infographic) "

universe of chaos : Photo

Netflix on Apple TV #* #Apple #AppleTV #Netflix #video Watch Netflix and your favorite shows and movies on Apple TV. The future of television is apps. ...

YouTube Capture- A Practical iPad App for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Audiophonics PCM5102 DAC : Qobuzissime pour ce DAC alimenté par batterie au son à couper le souffle ! Il n'est pas obligatoire qu'un DAC soit onéreux pour être performant, c'est le challenge qu'a relevé Audiophonics avec ce.

ROAD TRIP OR VACATION? Connect laptop to the internet while you are in the car. THIS IS A MUST!!! This worked for our family and we let them watch a movie on one laptop while I worked on the other one the whole trip!

[infografica] Fattori di successo per una campagna di social media marketing | Creare una campagna di social media marketing è l'unica cosa da fare se si vuole incrementare la visibilità e i potenziali clienti! Guarda i risultati! | @cinzia

The M.39B Libellula (from Libellulidae, a taxonomic family of dragonflies) was a Second World War tandem wing experimental aircraft built by Miles Aircraft; a scale version of the M.39 design proposed by Miles to meet Air Ministry specification B.11/

Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining Typewriters , Red on Deep Aqua Blue ... oh I want this, and it's sold out everywhere! damn!

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Can Keep You Off The Grid For Months

The Best Free Educational Websites for Kids - Everything from ABCs to Counting, Reading, Math and Geography! So many great resources and all FREE!

Follow the inflowgraphic to determine which social media platform is best for your business. Check out the blog for more detailed descriptions of each platform.

Oric Atmos

We are going to share with you two amazing plugins that will help you make sure that your content is optimized for search engines, plus how you can use these two plugins together!