Cat people and dog people care about some of the same things, according to a new survey by Royal Canin. Both say temperament is the most important trait when choosing a new pet, and both prefer mixed-breed animals over purebreds. But dog owners&#8217

Kingston 1 TB Flashdrive. What would I save on it? Everything!!

10 great apps for students with autism...remember these when my ipads come in...not sure about the communication apps but otherwise like the rest!

LIBRA, Premium Gin by Ivan Pajares, via Behance #taninotanino

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Cute card-could use felt flowers. Fun for a birthday or general card.

Interactive Infographic on the History of Computers - stretching from 2400 BC and the Abacus to Binary and Da Vinci’s inventiveness, the birth of Turing in 1912 and to what we know as the major players of today Microsoft, Apple and a brief ment

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Flat images say nothing for the sweet animations that the Apple team put together. Inspiring dev that makes me think its possible to do badass work on a Apple Mac Pro

Silicon Swim Frogman Swimming Webbed Gloves

Rain Drum! Is this real?! If not, somebody needs to invent it!!!!!!

To ensure a better success rate and last longer than the five expected years it takes a business to thrive, MARKET YOUR BRAND!

Photo styling | Desk flat lay | Bazaar, laptop & sunglasses

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