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lykke li by matt beard

pencil-monkey: “I’d really like to make an illustrated version of this lovely poem by reddit user Poem_for_your_sprog, preferably in time for the 25th of May. However, I probably won’t have time to...

the mortal instruments funny - Google Search

Coleman Hawkins 1922 - 1947

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Clever Minimalist Movie Posters: psycho Always made sure my bathroom doors are locked.

My favourite couple ever. Love Heath and Julia. 10 Things I Hate About You <3

this blog is dumb.

Friday Dopamine Dump (36 Photos)----how cute

of course by naima on deviantART

Parks and Recreation Season Six Episode 13: Ann and Chris. "I have enjoyed parts of our time together."

My black cat Juliet does this, but only on the book, newspaper etc... im trying to read! lol..

“Wendy," Peter Pan continued in a voice that no woman has ever yet been able to resist, "Wendy, one girl is more use than twenty boys.” - J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan

Peggy Cummins, star of Gun Crazy, 1950

Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison, 1968 ~ One of my Dad's favorite, so he's also one of mine! ♥


White Chicks - I'm going out on a limb here, but I've watched this so many times. Classic funny lines and scenes. I'm a Wayans fan. Terry Crews is absolutely hysterical. Give it a chance!


i wish this is what the one in the movie's (worst movie of all time) arrow said this, that would be so cool!

I’ve always believed one could live many lives through the way we dress and the places we travel to, even if just in our imagination. The world is open to us, and each day is an occasion to reinvent ourselves. ~Ralph Lauren~

La Vie Parisienne (Parisian life) was a French weekly magazine founded in Paris in 1863 and was published without interruption until 1970. This edition is from 1924.

Sometimes a basic b*tch has to take a break from her busy schedule of watching rom-coms and decorating mason jars to enjoy some music. Whether she's bumping her tunes in her Volkswagen Jetta or getting geared up for a night of vodka crans with the gi

13 Ultra-Creepy Books To Avoid Before Bedtime | Huff Post

In Another Moment They Walked Off Together - Jane Austen's Persuasion, 1909

Birmingham Town Hall - where Mendelssohn first premiered Elijah. We visited here on a UofU Singers Tour. They were just finishing the filigree on the organ.

I Am Legend. Nothing better than a good end-of-the-world movie to show you life really ain't that bad.

Purrsephone - Monster High Wiki

practically everything that I want in one pin l #quotes