Personal Space Camp Response Activities

Letter G activity

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin: pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds (to make sunflower), colored paper, crayons, marker, glue, scissors.

FREE Printable Nature Journal for Preschoolers

Turn fractions to decimals to percents foldable. a student asked me why the other teacher and i put grades differently (me with 5/20 and him with 4/10 on different assignments- why don't we do percentages she asks....) oh bother

Ergonomics in the classroom. Learn how school furniture can impact school performance.

Fun Way to Get Your Kids to Stop Chatting! • A Turn to Learn

Writing Tips from J.K. Rowling | Now Novel

Why learn French infographic.....need to print this out and show it to the kids

Flashcards, handouts and powerpoint presentation on classroom objects

The pilot cap works great for keeping little fingers off hearing aids and cochlear implants. Clothes for kids big and small - including boys, girls and babies, too! Supersoft eco-friendly fabrics, comfy designs, legendary kids pajamas. Hannas make th

How I Do It by Rachael Langley – PODD in the Classroom: Portable, Wearable, & Comfortable

Story Elements Worksheets & Teaching Resources


Teaching a little social studies to young children. Very cute, adapt to province instead of state

Missing Addends- Write the missing addend on the candy corn! TONS of fun printables to help teach grade level skills!

Your preschool and/or kindergarten students will have fun creating our C Is for Cat letter craft and letter-sound association activities for the hard "Cc" sound as in "cat."  C Is for Cat Letter Craft What you need:

p is for police car - Terrific Preschool Years: Community helper of the month; Police Officer

Counting Beautiful Materials - up to 20 or an extra chart with larger numbers might be good

Brett Gruetzmacher on Twitter

Middle School Math Madness!: interactive notebook (I would do this... IF I WAS TEACHING MATH! T__T )

FREEBIE Friday {Beginning of Year Assessments}

letter sounds scavenger hunt

Factors and Multiples Cootie Catchers

Fall Sensory Table - FSPDT

ACTIVIDADES / EJERCICIOS – Español para inmigrantes y refugiados

The Real Teachr: Classroom Seating Arrangement // Links to websites that help you create a classroom floor plan!

Great Geography Games for Your Family

Get Certificate IV in Government Investigation to Fast Track career

How to Teach the Difference between the Rhythm and the Beat