When we see the divinity within each other, the gentleness of life is everywhere... Life's connections are beautiful... deeply enriching, powerful & nourishing. ♥♥

One dog, maybe 2 dogs, one Siamese cat and one Russian Blue cat at all times. These are my conditions for marriage and eternal domestic servitude.

...Carlton and the pixie hat, @Vanessa Samurio jeschke...


Even squirrels sleep sound in the arms of Angels ♥

#Cats. I don't care who sees! When I say come straight home, I mean straight home!

Here is why cats might actually be liquid, or shapeshifters. (I just kept laughing and laughing and laughing)

The Tiffany Setting, the most famous ring in the world. I can't breathe lol #Tiffany

5 fluffiest puppies you have ever seen, I adore him:)

Attack Of The Funny Animals - 30 Pics

This is so awesome!! Wish I could frame this quote and hang it up in my room. I am a crazy cat lady and I don't care lol

Ideas for different ways to help newborns enjoy water play :: tummy time, sensory play, baby activities

Bricolage: idée panier de pâques très simple

Elf on the Shelf Ideas plus a printable for creating a Minecraft Creeper Head for your Elf!

In actual laboratory experiments monkeys were forced to choose between electro-shocking other monkeys and doing without food themselves. Almost all of the monkeys went hungry for up to two weeks rather than shock others. These macaques, who have neve

SAFE - Meet Jersey, a Petfinder adoptable Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog - Anarchy Animal Rescue, Staten Island, NY - Our 50 lb 1 yr old mixed breed guy Jersey loves to run and play! What he would love even more is a...

Humorous animals ♥ Loved and pinned by Noah's Ark Mobile Vet Service | 250-212-5069

How to Litter Train a Kitten: 8 steps - wikiHow Need to know for when we get the kitty!

Falabella miniature horses are typically less than 3 feet tall, which makes riding them a bit difficult, but they aren’t ponies, they are real horses.

Fox & bunny

Stressed out kitty! #kittens #pets

Frozen dog treats... I would recommend low sodium broth (preferably organic if you want to splurge) and home-made or natural dog treats rather than milkbones

I'm that person that will play with the dog at the party

Sheba Inu | Shiba Inu Haruhiyuki van de Kerselereveld' a White-Crème-Shiba female ...

Love these cats shasharakuraku: johnnychallenge: naoyuk: gkojax: yasunao: pdl2h: ak47: noshirocket: ginzuna: picapixels: 20098151000001.jpg

Cute little monkey!

Pygmy Kingfisher - This little fella and just flown into our window and winded himself. He took about ten minutes to recover before flying off. I zoomed in from a distance as didn't want to upset him further. I think he must have been quite young as.

Cute Overload

Beauties !!

This snuggle monster. | 31 Very Important Pigs Are Here To Melt Your Heart